Heartland Homes/ Options in Community Living, Inc. is a non-profit organization created by a group of interested citizens from the Park Rapids area. Heartland Homes provides services which will empower persons with disabilities to live the best life possible.

The initial plan of the Heartland Homes Board was to construct a facility which would be licensed for eight clients. This became a reality in 1978 with the opening of Heartland Homes’ first house, Double H.

The next home was built in 1990 to serve three clients who at that time were residing at Brainerd Regional Treatment Center (Depot). Further expansion of Heartland Homes’ facilities occurred in 1996 (Woodland), 1997 (Trail), and 2005 (Pine). In 1999 four clients moved into the apartments above Bearly Used (Main Apts.). Presently, Heartland Homes operates six facilities that provide 24-hour supervision. Twenty-three clients reside in these homes. In 2012 Heartland Homes built a new facility to replace our original facility built in 1978. In 2014 the Main Apts. clients were moved to a residential home and became Spruce.

Since 1978, many changes have taken place within the Heartland Homes organization. In 1982, Heartland Homes began offering the Semi-Independent Living Skills (SILS) program. This service was used to assist clients who needed services a few hours a week in their own homes.

In 1986, Heartland Homes offered Waivered Services (WS) for persons with developmental disabilities. Through this program, services are provided outside of living in a licensed facility. The Heartland Homes community programs (SILS and Waivered Services) have grown to serve approximately 40 clients in their homes.

Heartland Homes consists of a governing Board of Directors and one Executive Director. The Executive Director has direct supervision over the Designated Manager, three Designated Coordinators and three administrative office personnel. On average Heartland Homes has approximately 60 staff including the staff mentioned above, Direct Support Professional Coordinators, Direct Support Professional, Community Support Professional Coordinators and Community Support Professional.

The Heartland Homes Board and staff are committed to helping clients reach their maximum level of independence within the framework of normalization, person-centered planning, least restrictive alternatives and dignity of risk.